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I was the fastest swimming spermatozoon, one in a million, by chance or fate?

Now I am here, questing around.

"Who am I ?"

"Where do I come from and go to ? "

I am looking for clues, I only find thoughts.

But that's fine, it proves that I AM. 


- I AM concept by Sven Bullaert, Belgium

Love, Fun and Creativity

I AM bags are made of azo-free and phthalates-free material. 

I AM bags are made by code of conduct factories, operating in full compliance with local laws relating to labor, health, safety and environment. 

I AM bags are made with love. 

I AM bags are made for you and me. 

【Love, Fun and Creativity】

We truly believe that when something is made with love, fun and creativity, you can feel the energy, the soul that went into it. 

Sven Bullaert

【Love, Fun and Creativity】

What you radiate to the world will return as a mirror.

Your self-image determines your feelings towards the world. If I AM bags can contribute to discover the beauty of "inner me", our mission is complete.